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T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More!" --- Author Unknown

At GHARISSA we respect and value people. When it comes to our people, we’re as diverse as the society we live in and we’re passionate about creating success for our customers. We believe that a strong team is made of different people with diverse views and capabilities. We want each employee of Gharissa to dream differently and experiment in pursuit of opportunities to achieve leadership through teamwork.

We have a passion for growth so we are friendly, helpful and thoughtful

We know you don’t succeed by accident. That’s why we follow a proven business strategy, bring together the most talented team and maintain a disciplined focus on investing in our core business.

 Our Management Staff

Mrs Eman Ahmad M A Al-Obaidli
Mrs Eman Ahmad M A Al-Obaidli the creative force behind Gharissa Ice cream , the Qatar based company (4 and counting in AlHazm Mall), whose epiphanic ice cream moment appeared when she mixed it with secret recipe from Italy, is committed to quality on several fronts. She relies on natural, sourced and local ingredients, has kept the company’s headquarters local and started a community-based nonprofit. Her efforts are paying off as she reaps kudos for her creativity.
As a former school teacher and mother, Mrs Eman has always tried to find ways to bring education into children’s lives. Mrs Eman determined that Gharissa and Breddy unique combination of science and ice cream generated an exclusive opportunity to provide a pleasurable and educationally enriching experience to her children.

Mr Raju K.C
Operations in Charge

Mr Raju K.C  is in charge of the overall monitoring and management of the branches. Managing efficient and effective teams of staff and ensuring that at all times a high standard of services are provided for Gharissa Ice cream.

Master Ghanem Almuftah

Ghanim the Winner is the founder and owner of Gharissa Ice Cream located in Qatar.
Ghanim is the youngest Qatari entrepreneur celebrating his successful and expanding business. Launched in January 2014, Ghanim uses his mother’s secret recipe to create a 5 star Arabian Ice cream experience available only in Qatar. --- Read More

Mr Musheer Ahmed
General Manager

A natural born leader and connoisseur who is responsible for all facets of our operations in Qatar .Mr Musheer is responsible for overseeing the team of Gharissa  and Bredddy creating a positive experience for each and every guest.


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