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Our unique recipe combined with premium local and imported ingredients will entice you to sample all of our flavors. Our ice cream is homemade and fresh tasting using 100% natural ingredients without added air. This results in a smooth creamy sweetness with a lasting mouthwatering taste.

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Available Flavours

An explosion of wild strawberry flavour with imported Italian concentrate.

STRAWBERRY (farawla)

BLACKBERRY WITH DARK CHOCOLATE (toot with dark chocolata) :A winning combination of imported Italian blackberry paste with Belgium chocolate is a popular choice with local visitors and tourists.

toot with dark chocolata

Fresh rich local dates with a creamy decadent taste is a definite favourite.


A distinct flavour of fragrant roses from Lebanese fields with a unique Arabian mouthwatering taste.

ROSEWATER (ma'a-al ward

A rich decadent banana flavour combines sweet local bananas with Italian paste.

BANANA (moz)

A sweet creamy balanced taste of homemade ice cream using local grapes and imported Italian concentrate .

GRAPE (enab)

A rich dark chocolate decadence using chocolate imported from Belgium will satisfy your chocolate cravings.

CHOCOLATE (chocolate)

Exclusively created using homemade caramel folded gently with caramelized cashew nuts for a truly rich memorable taste.


Traditional Arabian gum flavor imported from Greece exclusive to Gharissa Ice Cream


A satisfying nutty taste with a rich creaminess using the best Italian hazelnuts.

HAZELNUT (boonduk)

Luscious sweet English cherries and imported Italian cherry paste gives a hearty richness and sweetness.

CHERRY (karaz)

A popular juicy ice cream using local mangos and imported mango concentrate from Italy.

MANGO (mango)

Imported Italian coffee results in a superior rich coffee flavoured ice cream.

COFFEE (gahwa)

Local fresh berries combination to create a distinct fruit flavored ice cream.


A fragrant orange flavor from Lebanon bursting with a fresh orange taste


A rich nutty ice cream with superior pistachios imported from Italy. A favourite!!.

PISTACHIO (fustok)

Sweet Asian coconut bits and imported Italian paste combine to showcase a fresh coconut flavour.

COCONUT (jozel alhend)

Local fresh market melons and sweet Italian melon paste together for a winning combination.

MELON (shammam)

Madagascar vanilla can only deliver this degree of fresh vanilla creaminess.


Fresh roasted and ground sesame seeds from India give this ice cream a superior nutty flavor.

RAHASH (tahina/halawa)

A combination of local nuts turns into a sweet nutty taste experience.


Imported fruit berry concentrate from Italy bursting with fresh fruit sweetness is guaranteed to satisfy you.


Madagascar vanilla can only deliver this degree of fresh vanilla creaminess.

VANILLA (vanilla)

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